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Danijela Divac

Head Of Product Management, d.labs

Danijela Divac is a creative thinker, motivator, an enterprising product manager, designer, mentor and coach. She comes from more than 20 years of experience in the digital product industry with laser focus on customer journey and satisfaction. Her experience ranges in products and services across a variety of domains, including HR, health, edutainment, biotech, advertising and online learning.

Danijela is currently focused on developing Leadership competency working alongside digital product development teams and clients around the world. She is mentoring and coaching product teams in defining what is the best product to develop and why in alignment with the business goals. She is also advocating for autonomy and empowerment which is becoming the cornerstone of positive company culture and the work environment people love. Moving in that direction, changing behavior is tough yet delivering fruitful outcomes.

Danijela enjoys travel, mountain hiking, gardening, hot hatha yoga, and regional cuisine.